Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Checking in!


So, I haven't checked in for a while. It has been a real journey trying to stay on track with my weight loss while working my way through my grief process. I am so thankful that I have had the lap-band and AdvoCare in my life to help me keep on the weight loss while I am working through this time, because the journeys really do go hand in hand. I come to realize that I have a relationship with food that isn't always the best. I would turn to food to try and feel better, and now that I am limited in my intake abilities I have been able to really ask myself "are you really hungry" "are you thirsty" "are you just sad" because these questions we take for granted.
Here I am in all my glory. My heaviest weight and my lowest weight since 1996!  Actually, I can, for the first time in a long time, say "I am high school skinny" and then some. Because I bought my first pair of size 22 jeans on Sunday. What a glorious day to walk into the store and fit in a pair of 22 jeans! I have been a size 24 since my freshman year in high school.  The picture on the left was my heaviest and I was in a size 28 jeans because the 26 fit tight. I am excited at the changes I am seeing. I am finally seeing them. I know that I have lost weight, but a part of me still sees that big girl on the left. Still wanting to cover up and hide. Still not sure if I am this or that. However, the change is the mindset. I have decided that 2014 is my year to go above and beyond. 2014 is my year to push forward and to change the mindset so that I am the change I want and strive to see in the world. I want to help others. I want to inspire others and I aspire to be better tomorrow than I am today. That sounds very pageant of me, but it really is true.
I've started reading more and trying to watch tv less. I am trying to better my mind, body and soul.  I am blessed to be on this journey and I can't wait to see where this year leads me!