Friday, May 17, 2013

Checking In

Friday May 17, 2013.

So, it has now been a month since I decided to do the Advocare challenge. I shall write more about that in just a moment.

Since the last post I did a weigh in at True Results.
On 5/8/13 I weighed 307. We added .4cc to make a total of 4.2cc in the band now.

Today I got on the scale and 301.8!!!! If you don't believe me .. see below
05/17/13 omg so close to 299! #letsgetit
I am so grateful to my cousin for getting me to the Advocare mixer at her house. I said no several times because I wanted to see this band succeed by itself with my eating right and working out. I was in a plateau. I would bounce between 308 and 310.  When I started the challenge I was 310.6.
start of Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I went to the Zoo with Justice for Mother's Day... I was swimming in that very same shirt!

I am beyond excited to be out of that plateau and back into the groove of losing weight. This has been the best decision I made since I made the one to get the Lap Band done almost a year ago.  *happy tears*

So this is how I spend my time now ...


My 24 Day Challenge

Spring Breakthrough with my Cousin

These used to fit .. I am swimming in these now too!

This was Mother's Day dinner with the family .. it gets kinda cray cray sometimes, but we always have FUN!

Watermelon Spark .. now available and amazeballs!

This is what my body craves now!

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