Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Redo .. Start Over .. Fresh Start

I went to see my surgeon today. Let me back track. 
I have been so anxious about seeing my surgeon. I almost fully expected to hear more excuses for the lack in functionality of this band. 
I got to the office and the receptionist was all "I need a copy of your driver's license and insurance card. There is also a $50 copay." To which I said, "They didn't tell me there was going to be a copay when the appointment was called in. I don't have that today. I don't get paid until Thursday. Why isn't this covered in my plan?" 
She responded with "This office is affiliated with True Results, but is its own entity. This is Dr. Hollis' person practice and so this is considered a specialist visit and so there is a copay."
I started crying. Actually, I was so built up with emotion and anticipation of what he was going to say that I was crying inside before she even said "hi" to me.  She, then, went on to tell me that I could come back on Thursday to see him. I left work at 930 am to get to the appointment and it was nearly 11. She wanted me to have to do this all over again and miss more work. I can't afford to do that. I called my boss crying and told him and he paid for the copay with me to repay him on Thursday. No problem. I just hate asking for help. I wouldn't need it if baby daddy would just pay his damn child support so that all my money isn't going to daycare. I can't blame him. I really need to refocus so that I am not dependent on that money. 
I digress. She ran the credit card and they called me back. I got weighed and was down 3 1/2 pounds from my weigh in on 1/17/13. Small victory. Mind you, I haven't been able to eat much because of my stress and anxiety.  I talked to the nurse practitioner first and then she went to get the doctor. He walked in and I was still in tears. I started telling him how this was supposed to be a lifestyle change and not just another diet and that I was struggling and making myself only do protein shakes because this band wasn't giving me satiety. I didn't understand what was going on or how this was going to be fixed. He calmed me down and said that it could be a faulty port, a pinhole in the tubing from being nicked during a fill or it could be the band. At any rate, the only fix was surgery. He said that True Results should cover the redo since I am still within my first year and that he would make this right. 
We walked out into the hall and he said "I think I am completely booked tomorrow, but let's look at Friday to get you in and fixed up."  
What the what??!!!??  He also said that he wanted the girls up front to give me a refund of my copay that I shouldn't have had to come all the way there for him to make that decision. They should have just got him the information and worked their magic without the trouble.  FINALLY! I am NOT totally cray cray! 
So, now I am waiting for that phone to ring. To find out if I have surgery this week or next week. Find out when this part of this journey will be over and I start fresh and new. 
More to come! 

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